Sector expertise

HgCapital invests in four sectors: TMT, ServicesIndustrials and Renewable Energy

We believe that a deep sector focus makes us better able to select the most attractive investment opportunities and also be the most qualified investor to support the management of those companies.

While our investment approach is sector-driven, HgCapital primarily focuses its buyout investments in the UK, Germany, France and the Nordic Region, as well as selectively across the rest of Europe. However, our sector focus precedes geography, and we are therefore prepared to invest in other geographies, in sub-sectors where we have previously made repeated investments.

Our large, dedicated sector teams operate across Europe with a deep sector focus channelled through a rigorous, in-house research-based investment process, to systematically identify the most attractive growth sub-sectors and business models of the European mid-market and then repeatedly invest in them, optimising deal flow and improving returns.

This deep sector focus, and the potential for repeated investment, allows us to accumulate knowledge, to the benefit not only of our portfolio companies but also the investors in our funds, by sharing best practices across our similar investments and improving returns in a virtuous cycle of improvement. An example of an investment theme is the SME regulatory-driven software space where HgCapital has now participated in thirteen investments over the past decade.