Renewable energy

In 2004, HgCapital established a dedicated renewable energy Investment team and, after a period of research, raised its first dedicated fund in 2006.

We invest in utility-scale renewable energy projects in Western Europe using proven technologies such as onshore wind, solar and hydro, adopting an infrastructure fund investment approach. We focus on creating industrial scale renewable energy platforms under our control, seeking to aggregate a number of assets and to deliver economies of scale.

Technological advances and the increased scale of the industry have increased the cost competitiveness of renewable energy, as well as providing favourable inflation linkage and a hedge against fossil fuel costs. HgCapital’s renewable energy investment theme is focused on the most efficient technologies and best resourced sites, requiring the least regulatory support and resulting in the lowest costs for the consumer.

Investment is at an industrial scale affording the benefits in procurement, attracting higher quality management teams, and creating strategic value. HgCapital is one of the leading owners of onshore wind farms in Scandinavia, has investments in Scandinavian district heating, is one of the largest financial investors in Irish onshore wind, and has a substantial portfolio of ground-mounted solar and small hydroelectricity projects in Spain.

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