TMT, as a sector, covers a broad range of markets.

Driven by our deep sector approach, HgCapital’s TMT team is focused on specific sub‑sectors, including: vertical market application software - particularly delivered via a Software as a Service (‘SaaS’) model; private electronic marketplaces; B2B media information/publishing; and telecoms/datacentre operators.

Within these sub‑sectors, we have invested in high quality businesses with diverse customer bases, which feature subscription‑based business models generating predictable revenues and cash flows. The team regularly conducts top‑down research within the wider sector, in order to continue to identify and assess further repeatable investment themes where we can invest time to develop proprietary expertise.

Our highly resourced, dedicated team means that we are well placed to identify, assess and complete investments quickly and thoroughly. We work to bring our experience and expertise to support management teams, aiming to have the knowledge of a trade buyer, coupled with the speed and focused delivery of a financial buyer. The team benefits from the depth and breadth of many years of private equity experience in TMT, and is complemented by an extensive network of industry experts and advisers.

Given the breadth of opportunity in European TMT, HgCapital is currently investing in the sector from two funds, HgCapital 7 and HgCapital Mercury; targeting buyouts in companies with enterprise values between £20 million and £500 million.

The aggregate funds we have to invest across the sector allows us to field significant teams to identify and negotiate investments, while providing a very comprehensive resource for the management teams that we support.

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