Videos & Webcasts

HgCapital Trust plc: 2017 Interim Results – September 2017
HgCapital Trust plc: 2016 Annual Results – March 2017
HgCapital Trust plc: 2016 Interim Results – September 2016
JLA: unlocking potential
Ullink: building an international champion
Bringing our portfolio together: a CEO forum
An AIC Private Equity Roundtable
HgCapital Trust plc: 2015 Annual Results – March 2016
A message from the Chairman, Roger Mountford - November 2015
HgCapital Trust plc: 2015 Interim Results - August 2015
A-Plan: a commitment to customer service has created an industry champion
HgCapital Trust plc: 2014 Annual Results - March 2015
Software as a Service - December 2014
HgCapital Trust plc: 2014 Interim Results - August 2014
Zenith and Leasedrive: bringing champions together to realise their potential
HgCapital Trust plc: 2013 Interim Results - August 2013
Manx Telecom: how the right support can transform a business
HgCapital Trust plc: 2013 Annual Results - March 2013
QUNDIS: a champion in the Mittelstand
HgCapital Trust plc: 2012 Interim Results - March 2012
NetNames: the story of a new investment
HgCapital Trust plc: 2011 Annual Results - March 2011
SLV Lighting: cultivating an industry champion
HgCapital: Thematic investing & fundamental growth - August 2011
HgCapital: Visma and Pulse Staffing: November 2010

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